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At 72, our Royal family is our real national asset

May 30,2018 - Last updated at May 30,2018

Jordan celebrated its 72nd independence anniversary last week. Although the entire concept of state sovereignty has been steadily and radically changing with time in the sense that not many countries have succeeded in maintaining actual independence from external compromising factors, Jordan, to a considerable measure and despite mounting challenges, has succeeded in doing so.

This is mainly attributable to the wise Hashemite leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah, particularly at these trying times. Since its creation, Jordan has undergone difficult times, passing from one serious crisis to the next without interruption. However, since King Abdullah succeeded his great father His Majesty the late King Hussein, Jordan has been faced with impossible challenges and difficulties, both internal and regional. Yet, the Jordanian monarch's wisdom, competent political leadership, patience, smart investment in external relations, principled diplomacy and exceptional courage have managed to steer the ship in most troubled waters to the shores of safety, keeping Jordan surging ahead, accumulating achievements with unwavering resolve.

In effect, the achievements are far more wide reaching. It is largely recognised that Jordan, despite all odds, but specifically thanks to its Hashemite leadership, is one of the few stable spots in a region that has been struck by instability, political turmoil, war and chaos for decades.

Obviously, the challenges, and the economic challenge in particular, are by no means over. In fact, they are continuing and often increasing as they derive from the ongoing crises and wars all around Jordan. It is difficult to expect any tangible relaxation before the regional political climate improves, hopefully with economic ties restored between Jordan and its Syrian and Iraqi neighbours.

During difficult times, King Abdullah mobilised his maximum potential on a global scale, but with special emphasis in the influential world capitals, not just for Jordan’s benefit, but to help ease regional troubles in general by combating terrorism, fighting extremist trends, calling for peaceful resolution of the many conflicts, and working towards development and democratisation.

The King’s voice has been well received as the credible voice of wisdom, moderation, peace, tolerance, civilised dialogue and mutual respect among all peoples and states. This is how we have managed to survive the crisis and maintain our independence, our independent decision and our national integrity.

Contrary to some recent expectations, King Abdullah did not compromise on Jordan’s firm position regarding the Palestinian situation, the Palestinian inalienable rights, Jerusalem and the Royal Hashemite role of protecting the Muslim, as well as the Christian holy places in the holy city as the official custodian of the Jerusalem sacred sites. Those who believed that the sensitive Jordanian economic situation may stifle the King's rejection of recent illegal measures, such as the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the transfer of the US embassy to the Arab city and the daily incursions of extremist Jewish groups in the Aqsa Mosque compound, must have been strongly disappointed with the King's strenuous efforts and resounding declarations clarifying his position in rejecting and condemning the illegal measures and reaffirming the rule of law as exemplified in dozens of UN resolutions for settling the conflict peacefully.

As such, Jordan and all Jordanians celebrated their independence with full pride of their county's accomplishments, as well as of their Hashemite unique leadership that has managed to protect and even promote the country's independence during unsettling times.

The Independence Day ceremony was elegantly executed, very well planned and fitting for the occasion. Led by King Abdullah, with Her Majesty Queen Rania and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein by his side, it was an official gathering at the Al Husseiniya Palace that included members of the Royal family, His Majesty's high ranking officials and advisers, the government, the Senate, the House of Representatives, the Judiciary, the armed forces and security, diplomatic missions and a host of Jordanian dignitaries representing all facets of society.

In a uniquely relaxed family atmosphere and after listening to statements from heads of the three authorities: the executive, the legislative — the Senate and the Parliament — and the Judiciary, the King granted decorations and honours to a number of Jordanian individuals and institutions in appreciation for their distinguished public services and prominent initiatives.

As the ceremony concluded, it was a very heartening spectacle to see King Abdullah, Queen Rania and the young and the very promising bright Crown Prince Hussein receiving greetings and independence congratulations from all guests and attendees.

This is how the Jordanian family performs and how it should ideally be. Your Majesty: you always wanted us to keep our heads high as Jordanian. We most certainly do and we do keep our heads higher with your majesty at the top of the realm.

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