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Nov 13,2017 - Last updated at Nov 13,2017

His Majesty King Abdullah’s Speech from the Throne, as he opened the Parliament’s second ordinary session, highlighted the achievements of the country so far and the tasks ahead “in the service of Jordanians, whose security, dignity and right to a better future are the goals of all exerted efforts”.

His Majesty expressed appreciation for the legislative performance so far, which included “the endorsement of a package of vital legislation encompassing several key sectors, in line with our keenness to develop the performance of the judiciary, enhance the rule of law and nurture the foundations of our civil state”, which puts the country on the right path towards progress and development.

Ahead for the government, then, is serious work to implement the Jordan Economic Growth Plan, which is bound to boost economic growth and “capitalise on all available regional and international opportunities to improve citizens’ standard of living, support the middle class and protect low-income families”.

Also important is for the government to continue putting into action the National Strategy for Human Resources Development and implement the e-government programme, while, most important, remaining “transparent, realistic and proactive”.

Of utmost importance, stressed the King, is self reliance: “… it is up to us to take matters into our own hands. No one will solve our problems but us. We must harness our will, potential and energy to confidently and resolutely take on the challenges before us.”

And since a country’s growth depends on its safety and stability, which Jordan is blessed to enjoy, the role of the armed forces and national security agencies is crucial.

The King paid “tribute to the relentless efforts of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and security agencies to safeguard the homeland, its prosperity and independence”, expressed “respect and appreciation for their sacrifices and heroisms”, and committed to further support them “to undertake their sacred duties”.

At the same time, His Majesty praised the unity and solidarity of Jordanians, without which, “forging ahead on the path of growth and prosperity, and countering the forces of evil and the khawarij of this age would not have been possible”.

King Abdullah also emphasised Jordan’s “historical role as defender of the causes of our Arab and Muslim nations, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on Palestinian national soil, with Jerusalem as its capital, as well as safeguarding Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem”, a role from which it never wavered.

The path ahead is clear: continued economic development to combat poverty and unemployment, decentralisation, which helps communities set their own priorities and work towards meeting their needs, fighting radicalism and terrorism. In short, “serve our beloved people, country and Ummah”. 


The legislators are back to work. With goals clearly designated, all they have to do is roll up their sleeves and plough ahead.

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