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Trump impeachment calls heating up

May 27,2019 - Last updated at May 27,2019

The call for impeaching US President Donald Trump appears to be gaining more momentum, with an increasing number of Democrats in the US Congress calling for starting the process of removing Trump from office.

Democrats are claiming that President Trump is becoming more and more defiant of Congress’ calls for answers to the multifaceted allegations against him. Democrats are saying that the US president is continuing his cover-up tactics when pressed for judicial replies about his official behaviour since taking office and before, especially on claims about his alleged complicity with Russian President Vladimir Putin to have Moscow interfere in the 2016 US presidential elections in his favour. Trump’s tax returns are also a bone of contention, as are his business deals.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a leading Democrat, is counselling restraint about the impeachment idea. At one time, she commented that President Trump is not worth the hassle and the protracted impeachment procedures. She advised her party to concentrate instead on creating obstacles against the reelection of President Trump in 2020. Trump has already been in office for two-and-a-half years and what remains of his tenure, Pelosi says, does not justify the drawn-out impeachment procedures, especially when the Republicans control the US Senate, and the greater majority of them support Trump, come what may.

Under the circumstances from the point of view of the international community, Washington appears rudderless, with no clear sign of which way the White House is turning on global issues. It has become a familiar feature of the US to have President Trump say something one day, only to be repudiated by his inner circle of advisers the next.

President Trump’s zigzagging on regional and international flashpoints, including trade matters with China, has become a familiar pattern in his conduct of foreign affairs. This cannot go on, as friends and foes alike have become weary of where the US stands on regional and international conflicts.

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