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Triumph for Jordan, justice

Jan 20,2018 - Last updated at Jan 20,2018

Israel's official apology and deep regret for the wrongful killing of Jordanian judge Raed Zuaiter four years ago by an Israeli guard at a Jordanian-Israeli crossing point and the wrongful killing of teenager Mohammad Jawawdeh and Dr Bashar Hamarneh last July by an Israeli guard at the Israeli embassy in Amman is a vindication of His Majesty King Abdullah's firm stance. 

The King has vowed never to normalise relations with Israel or restore diplomatic relations with it until these wrongful killings are juridically accounted for and the culprits brought to justice by a court of law and the families of the deceased are fully compensated.

The King has long held that there could be no wavering on his principled position on Israel until justice is rendered with regard to the three killings. 

The Israeli government has at last sent an official memo recently in which it expressed its apology and deep regrets regarding the killings of three Jordanians and that the Israelis who   unlawfully and without provocation or justification pulled the trigger against them are brought to justice by a competent court of law. 

This belated Israeli response is an admission of guilt and Jordan, therefore, has all the right to expect that the process of law will take its full course in Israel against the two Israelis who wantonly took the lives of three innocent Jordanians. 

Israel pledged to do just that and there is every reason to believe that it will honour this pledge to bring justice to the families of the deceased Jordanians. 

This is not only a triumph for Jordan and the families of the killed Jordanians but also to the cause of justice in the area. Now that Israel will reopen its embassy in Amman soon, normal contacts can resume on many fronts especially over Jerusalem where His Majesty enjoys the custodianship of Islamic and Christian holy places. 


A new chapter in bilateral relations between the two countries can therefore be open for their mutual benefit. 

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