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Resoluteness, resolve, resilience

May 26,2020 - Last updated at May 26,2020

Jordan on Monday marked its 74th Independence Day anniversary, coinciding with Eid Al Fitr, under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic.

Led by the Hashemites and built on a progressive and modern Constitution, a young Arab nation joined the comity of nations on May 25, 1946, following the end of the British mandate.

The journey, however, has not been an easy one. Recurring regional turbulences have tested and proven the resilience of the young nation, short of natural resources. Unleashing its wealth of human resources and the resolve of its people, Jordan continues its forward march under the Hashemite leadership.

Like every other country in the grip of the deadly pandemic, Jordan, too, has had to deal with its fair share of adversity that the virus has meted out.

Sensing the dangers emanating from this invisible enemy, the Kingdom rolled out a pragmatic anti-coronavirus strategy, putting in place a slew of pre-emptive measures to flatten the curve of the pandemic.

Thanks to its timely healthcare interventions, coupled with a stringent lockdown, Jordan has tamed COVID-19 to an extent, maintaining virus numbers below those of other countries.

This would have been impossible without the staunch support of Jordanians.

Addressing the nation on the occasion of Jordan’s 74th Independence Day on Monday, His Majesty King Abdullah paid tribute to Jordanians’ resilience, saying: “You are our independence, as were our ancestors who built the state, and the Nashama of the armed forces and security agencies, the protectors of the homeland and its independence.”

The King said that Jordan’s journey “has charted a story of success” as it continues to win the admiration of others.

Standing with his people and reassuring them during this massive crisis, His Majesty, with clear and consistent directives and a focus on empathy, has put the country on track in its battle against the deadly virus.

Infusing much-needed confidence into the public amid adversity, His Majesty said: “This nation has decisively overcome the toughest tests.”

“Our battle with coronavirus disease is but one of those tough tests that have shown the efficiency of the state, its enduring institutions and the strength of its army and security forces,” the King continued.

Throughout its arduous journey, the Kingdom has made significant strides in development, poverty eradication, healthcare, education, literacy levels and gender-equality.

Incessant regional turmoil has failed to disturb the unity of its people. We are indebted to the Hashemite leadership and the tremendous sacrifices of our armed forces for safeguarding the safety and stability of the nation in a troubled neighbourhood. Their sacrifices have earned Jordan the moniker: An oasis of peace and stability in a tumultuous region.

The Kingdom’s humanitarian role has also drawn global attention, as Jordan has opened its doors to those fleeing violence and remains the second-largest refugee host per capita worldwide, according to UNHCR estimates.

Jordan’s role in global anti-terror efforts, with its call for a holistic approach, has also gained world recognition.

On the regional front, despite the burden of COVID-19, the Kingdom has continued championing the Palestinian cause and challenging unilateral Israeli actions in international fora and its call for a two-state solution is getting louder each passing day.

A model of moderation, Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah, has institutionalised a policy of interfaith dialogue, earning the Kingdom an international reputation of tolerance, coexistence and moderation.

Anniversaries are occasions to take stock of success and challenges, and there is little doubt that insurmountable challenges remain, especially in the wake of the pandemic crisis.

“Let this crisis be one of the milestones we pass successfully, having turned its threats into points of strength and resilience,” His Majesty said.

The wide range of adversities and crises since the wake of independence has moulded and renewed the resoluteness, resolve and resilience of a country and its people. It is time to renew our commitment to building our nation and continue on the path towards a better future.

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