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Requirements of modern education

Jun 16,2017 - Last updated at Jun 16,2017

His Majesty King Abdullah recently chaired a meeting to follow up on the implementation of the National Strategy for the Development of Human Resource 2016-2025, and review efforts of various institutions to unify action and programmes created to enhance vocational and technical training, providers’ efficiency and the quality of the outcome in a way that meets the requirements of the labour market.

The strategy entails introducing science and technology into education, and bringing about structural reforms in the vocational education sector, which can play an important part in addressing the unemployment problem.

Introducing modern technology in the education system ideally spurs innovation and excellence among students, benefiting both them and the educational system as a whole.

Better education means brighter minds, easier to find employment opportunities and better standards of living.

It also means a more enlightened society that exercises critical thinking and does not fall prey easily to radicalisation and extremism, the bane that seems to plague our region and that has repercussions the world over.

The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights is currently adopting a “General comment” about access to science as a basic human right.

This international instrument highlights the role of science and technology in promoting analytical and critical thinking.

The document under consideration views the right of everyone to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress as a basic human right, an essential tool to promoting economic, social and cultural rights.

Under discussion have been some of the constraints facing the exercise of this right, which are usually of religious or cultural nature.

The fear is that the introduction of science and technology into teaching methods might go against basic beliefs and cultural values, but this can be addressed through a proper choice of terminology and a more enlightened and progressive interpretation of religious or cultural precepts.

Without science, there is no innovation and no progress. Mankind would continue to believe that the planet is flat or that global warming is a hoax.

No educational system must be held ransom by radical or regressive thought.


The UN is setting the tone for modern educational systems across the world and UN member states are expected to follow it.

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