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Preachers of evil

Oct 15,2014 - Last updated at Oct 15,2014

Some imams, employed to spread the word of God and the teaching of the Holy Koran during the Friday sermons, were recently caught preaching exactly the opposite: encouraging terrorism.

These people were removed from their religious duties as a result, and rightly so.

But authorities are being lenient with these religious leaders who should have been detained for questioning and charged with violating the Anti-Terrorism Law of the country.

Such serious deviation from the call of their duty — in defence of true Islam — is occurring against the backdrop of new arrests of individuals openly expressing support for the terrorist cult calling itself Islamic State and for encouraging recruitment to its ranks.

Four members of the hardline Salafist movement were arrested Saturday and referred to the State Security Court, facing charges of promoting terrorism.

This raised the number of people referred to the SSC since October 5 to 30, and brings the total number of people referred to this court since mid-September, when the coalition nations launched their military campaign against IS in Syria and Iraq, to 120.

The figures may not be big, but the fact that they exist at all gives enough reason to worry.

That some people would feel attracted to the ungodly cause espoused by IS should put both people and authorities in the country on the alert.

The security agencies need to be vigilant and authorities need to get tougher with people who flout the laws so daringly, undermining the country’s security and stability.

This is no time for timid reactions. The world hesitated for too long upon news about IS, and now it is almost incapable of containing this growing monster.

Those who seek to destabilise the Kingdom and sow fear among citizens deserve no pity or leniency.

A fair trial, definitely, but if found guilty, the punishment must be commensurate.

Jordanians take pride in their safe and stable country, and wish to keep it that way.

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