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A powerful message of support to Jordan

Feb 23,2019 - Last updated at Feb 23,2019

The visit of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz and his accompanying high-level delegation to Kuwait on Thursday for talks with Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al Mubarak Al Sabah and high-level Kuwaiti officials came at a critical time prior to the London initiative, scheduled to take place on February 28.

Jordan enjoys the best of bilateral relations with Kuwait on all fronts since a long time ago, and it comes as no surprise, therefore, that the warm and fraternal relations between the two countries continue as strong as ever.

As an expression of the long-standing Kuwaiti support to Jordan, Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber did not hesitate to declare at his meeting with Prime Minister Razzaz that “Kuwait would not stand idly by while Jordan experiences hardships”. In his meeting with Razzaz, Sheikh Jaber expressed confidence that conditions are beginning to move towards the better, highlighting that no obstacle stands in the path of the two countries’ political will to develop joint cooperation. This is a powerful message of support to Jordan.

It is no secret that Jordan is experiencing difficult economic conditions, due mainly to external factors and the influx of more than a million Syrian refugees, which have strained the infrastructure of the country to the maximum and rendered the economy vulnerable and under strain.

Then comes the Kuwaiti declaration of valuable support to the country, which may set the stage for other countries expected to attend the upcoming London conference to follow the Kuwaiti model of support and announce similar pledges of support.

Lest the international community forget, Jordan plays an indispensable role in maintaining regional peace and security. Support to Jordan in all forms is an investment in regional peace and stability. Kuwait has demonstrated the way to lend support to Jordan, and hopefully other stakeholders will follow suit.

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