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An opportunity to correct past mistakes

May 09,2019 - Last updated at May 09,2019

In a surprise move, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Wednesday asked for the resignation of all the Cabinet ministers, ostensibly to “overcome the challenges of the next phase”, whatever that is, and “realise the government’s priorities”, which have yet to be mentioned.

Of course, no one would or could challenge the prime minister over his decision for a complete overhaul of his team of ministers, as this falls squarely within his prerogatives, but the justifications offered for this drastic decision leave much of the country in the dark. What exactly are the challenges of the next phase and when does this next phase begin and end are some of the questions on the minds of many people trying to make sense of the decision.

Equally vexing is the issue of priorities that await fulfilment that Prime Minister Razzaz was referring to when he decided to reshuffle his Cabinet. What are these priorities? Besides, a reshuffled Cabinet does not necessarily mean a new Cabinet. Rather, it suggests keeping the same Cabinet ministers, or most of them, but reshuffling their obligations.

Whatever the reason, or reasons, for a change in the Cabinet, this occasion offers the prime minister an opportunity to correct past mistakes or shortcomings associated with the formation of the current Cabinet .

Right at the outset when Prime Minister Razzaz was appointed to form a fresh government, there was an overwhelming euphoria that a new style of government was about to be ushered in the country. There was also a hope for a lean government to reflect and address the necessities of the current economic and financial constraints facing the country. Instead, the country witnessed the birth of a “fat” Cabinet, as if austerity does not begin at home!

There are a lot of explanations that need to be made before the make-up of the new Cabinet is announced and eventually digested. Razzaz remains a popular prime minister, and much hope is pinned on him to overcome the hardships facing the country. That is all the more reasons he needs to explain his latest decision to revamp his government.

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