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Nothing to fear

Mar 04,2015 - Last updated at Mar 04,2015

His Majesty King Abdullah’s Tuesday’s address to the nation was intended to assure the people that they have nothing to fear and be worried about as the country is in good hands, and as strong as ever.

“I assure you all that Jordan is strong and resilient, as it has been throughout the decades,” said the King wishing to allay concerns raised by the regional situation.

Acknowledging that he is aware of what citizens go through, the Monarch said he feels “your worries and fears, your hopes and ambitions, your dreams for the future, amidst all the turbulence our Arab region faces”, but Jordan will continue to work towards a better future in spite of the challenges.

“We stand, today, before the future we seek and rightfully deserve. A future that we are forging for Jordan, not the dismal future sought by those criminals who claim to be Muslims, wreaking terror and faking piety,” said King Abdullah, clearly pointing the finger at the criminals known as Daesh.

While assuring his people that Jordan has proved, throughout its history, that it is “stronger and larger than those with faithless spirits who have ill intentions for the country and long for an opportune moment to attack and undermine it in every way possible”, the King said the “recipe for victory” lies in unity, awareness and preparing the next generation to shoulder its responsibilities and protect them from radicalism.

“Living side-by-side in fraternity and in solidarity as one family, Muslims and Christians, citizens of different origins, all stand ready to fulfil the call of duty.”

There is no place in Jordan, clearly, for differences based on ethnicity or faith. We are all Jordanian citizens, with all that entails in terms of duties and rights.

To be sure, the country has faced challenges in the course of its history, and will not be immune from threats in the future either.

But due to its people’s unity and belonging, to their love for the country, the Kingdom always emerged stronger.

Jordanians value their peace and security, and are not going to allow miscreants to ruin that.

Peace and security are red lines that nobody should attempt to cross, for they will not find understanding, not from officials and not from the people.

The King’s words of assurance should drive citizens to continue living their normal lives.

Vigilant, but not cowed into fear, as those threatening the region’s peace intend.

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