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Next step: Economic growth at a respectful rate

Jun 15,2018 - Last updated at Jun 15,2018

It is certainly good news and most comforting that Qatar has also decided to extend aid and support to Jordan at this critical time.

During His Majesty King Abdullah's meeting with Qatari Deputy Prime Minister Mohammad Al Thani in Amman on Wednesday, it was revealed that Qatar has decided to offer Jordanians 10,000 jobs to Jordanians in Qatar and offer a package of investments in infrastructure projects in the country valued at $500 million.

These support initiatives from Qatar are highly appreciated and could not have taken place at a more opportune time, as they will go a long way to complement the most valued support already committed by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE last week.

Offering employment opportunities for Jordanians in big numbers could be what Jordan needs most, given the high unemployment rate in the country, especially among the youth.

The King had said right at the outset that young people in the country are among the most frustrated and anguished groups of people because they simply cannot find work. Prime Minister Omar Razzaz has echoed this sentiment by also expressing recognition of the plight of the young generation of Jordanians because of lack of adequate work opportunities for them. Jordanians have always sought work opportunities in the Arab Gulf region to supplement the limited work market in the country.

Jordan is, therefore, blessed with having all the Arab Gulf countries joining in a collective effort to save Jordan from its exceptional economic and financial woes.

Once Jordan recovers from its current economic and financial hardships, it can begin the process of economic growth at a respectful rate.

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