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Meaningful deeds needed!

Jun 03,2019 - Last updated at Jun 03,2019

The Arab and Islamic summits in Mecca recognised, appreciated and supported the Hashemite Custodianship over the Islamic and Christian holy sites in East Jerusalem, and raised the status of the Palestinians’ rights in their homeland and made it a cornerstone of their policies.

Both summits recognised also the growing dangers emanating from Iran as threats to regional and international peace and security that must be thwarted.

So far so good. However, what comes next after these highly-appreciated stances is what counts most.

What does it mean to support the Hashemite Custodianship over holy places in East Jerusalem, as it is not complemented by an agreement on certain deeds to give added importance to this honourable position, among which could be the funding of this Jordanian role on behalf of the Arab and Muslim worlds, and the adoption of specific plans to counter the Iranian threat.

Time has arrived when rhetorical and pious support for the defence of the Arab Gulf states from Iranian threats or the overt support to the Palestinian cause and the holy places is complemented by functional plans to give added credence and deeper meaning to the honourable stances adopted by the Mecca summits.

To simply reject US President Donald Trump's recognition of Occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, or to condemn in so many words the so-called "deal of the century" as outrageous or contrary to international norm and sense of justice does not go far enough.

To even call on states that have followed Trump's example to reconsider their unlawful moves also does not go far enough. It is easy to express an opinion on certain objectionable policies against the Palestinians or the Arab Gulf countries and quite another to go further by backing up such positions by meaningful deeds.

If the Arab and Muslim worlds had only threatened to break political relations with nations that aid and support the Iranian policies or follow Trump's example, that would have sent a clearer picture and a stronger message to the international community on the seriousness of the Arab and Islamic just stances on the Palestinian crisis and the dangers emanating from Iran.

To this extent, the Mecca summits stopped short of what is needed!

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