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King's 20th anniversary on Throne

Feb 07,2019 - Last updated at Feb 07,2019

February 7 marked His Majesty King Abdullah's 20th anniversary of his Accession to the Throne after the death of his father His Majesty the late King Hussein.

The 20 years rule of King Abdullah steered the country through troubled waters in the region, as well as repeated hardcore economic and fiscal challenges on the domestic front. National unity in the country was thus saved from repeated challenges and dangers. It was only the wise and steady leadership of the King that saved the Kingdom from drifting into similar dangers that most of Jordan's neighbouring states have faced during the past two decades.

The King's vision for the future made all the difference. The reign of King Abdullah also meant the consolidation of democracy in the country, strengthening the rule of law, improved respect for human rights and enhanced social and economic justice against great odds.

It was King Abdullah who came to the rescue of the Kingdom whenever it faced internal divisions or threats. It was also the King's personal initiatives and interventions that secured for the country safety and security, through the forging of alliances and accords with key capitals of the world.

Jordan had always experienced hardships and challenges, both economic and fiscal. The King has been, therefore, in the forefront of the national efforts to secure for the country antidotes to these issues due to his personal skills and clout with foreign leaders, Arab and non-Arab alike.

The King's frequent visits to foreign capitals were conducted for the purpose of securing for the country the support and friendships of these capitals. Jordan would not be the Jordan of today; peaceful, secure and stable, without King Abdullah.

We, therefore, seize upon this auspicious occasion to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to His Majesty King Abdullah for his wise leadership. May he continue to enjoy the best of health and success on all fronts; domestic, regional and international.

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