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Interim solution to end killings

Oct 07,2018 - Last updated at Oct 07,2018

The carnage along the Israel-Gaza border continues unabated almost on a daily basis.

The latest wave of Israeli killings of unarmed Palestinian protesters killed three Palestinians; one of them was a child. Few hours later, two Israeli settlers were shot to death in the West Bank, no doubt by Palestinians seeking revenge for the daily killings of Palestinians along the Gaza frontier with Israel.

There is only one effective way to end this cycle of tit for tat killings and it is to find a just settlement to the Palestinian conflict that is fair, durable and comprehensive.

Yet, this solution remains elusive for no other reason than the Israeli arrogance and defiance of every reasonable formula suggested by the Palestinians and supported by the international community.

The Gaza deteriorating situation has become urgent as the killing of Palestinian protesters by Israeli soldiers has been going on for months already and show no sign of abating.

Against this backdrop, there is no alternative left except to deploy an international peace keeping force to police the borders between Israel and Gaza, and prevent any further escalation along the lines separating the two sides.

The UN Security Council should take this initiative as a first step that would lead to lifting the Israeli blockade on Gaza and its people. Only by ending the state of siege being applied by Israel against Gaza would be an environment for ending the ongoing cycle of violence.

Israel knows only too well that such an interim solution is dispensable for ending the killings along Gaza and the sooner it accepts and endorses this logic the better for all sides. Otherwise, more Palestinian youths are going to be killed by trigger happy Israeli soldiers, and this would further exacerbate tension between the two sides and render the likelihood of reaching a final settlement that much more remote.

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Actually, there is an easy way to end the carnage - stop rioting, charging the border and sending explosives into Israel. Simple enough

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