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Hoping it will work

May 03,2015 - Last updated at May 03,2015

The Amman mayor took the decision to apply a more forceful way to combat smoking among the municipality’s employees.

Anyone caught smoking on the job will be fined JD30; the money, deducted from the employee’s salary, is then given to his family, a service both to the worker and to the family, which, this way, does not become the victim of this policy, but quite the contrary.

This is indeed a novel concept that might succeed where all other methods failed.

If it is indeed successful, it could end up being adopted by other organisations as well.

The mayor took the decision after noticing that Greater Amman Municipality employees continue smoking on the job in spite of all rules and regulations, including signs that prohibit smoking.

His unorthodox move drew mixed reactions, as can be expected, mostly because many of our fellow citizens, GAM employees included, are used to violating this and other laws with impunity.

It might even draw derision, but if it serves the purpose, so be it.

Only, liability should not stop at municipality employees. The law is there, it has to be respected, else…

As long as people get away with it, they will continue breaking the rules. 

And as long as Cabinet ministers and MPs go on violating the no-smoking law in plain view of the country, compliance with the law will be made a mockery of.

The public has to know that the government is serious about, at least, combating smoking in public places.

Whatever means ensure respect for the law is welcome.

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