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The highlight of the King’s speech

Jun 02,2019 - Last updated at Jun 02,2019

His Majesty King Abdullah's address to the emergency Arab summit in Mecca, convened on Thursday to address Arab regional security and stability, had a two-pronged dimension: first was his unequivocal support to regional stability in the Arab Gulf region against all encroachments from whatever side, and second was his support for the two-state solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; as complementary to the paramount concern about Arab Gulf security.

“For us in Jordan, the security of Arab Gulf states represents a fundamental pillar of the security and stability of the region. The security of our brothers and our security are one and the same,” said the King, affirming that “though our challenges may vary, we share the same destiny”.

But the King went on to add that “bolstering regional stability cannot take place without a just and lasting solution to the Palestinian cause based on the two-state solution and the Arab Peace Initiative…”. In other words, the Arab Gulf security and stability is inseparable from peace and security for the Palestinians based on the two-state solution with an East Jerusalem as its capital.

This balanced and complementary approach to regional security and stability was the highlight of the King’s speech at the Mecca summit.

Riyadh is to be commended for convening the Arab summit, alongside with the Islamic and Arab Gulf summits, as, indeed, the threats to the entire region warrant an expanded initiative comprising all countries with an interest in peace and security in the area.

What counts now is the implementation of the recommendations of the three concurrent summits so that a clear message emerges to friend and foe alike as to where the participating countries stand on common dangers facing them.

No doubt the enemies of the region have heard the alarm bell of the Arab and Islamic nations loud and clear. Only time would tell how the foes of the Arab order would react to the resolutions of the three summits.

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