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Extending a helping hand

Apr 23,2020 - Last updated at Apr 23,2020

Pulling out all the stops to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, Jordan’s robust and prompt response has started to reap remarkable dividends.

Heeding early warning signs, the Kingdom imposed some of the most stringent lockdown measures worldwide in tandem with rolling out an array of relief measures.

Though the economic cost is insurmountable, the government does not compromise one iota when it comes to the safety of its citizens and residents.

Continuing its anti-virus battle remarkably unscathed, the Kingdom has ramped the number of daily coronavirus tests to flatten the curve — the projected number of people who will contract the virus over a span of time.

A small nation with limited natural resources is gaining global attention while the virus is continuing its unhindered march across the globe, and Jordan is now planning to offer a helping hand to nations struggling with the pandemic.

When asked whether Jordan will offer assistance to the US during an interview with the US network CBS’ show “Face the Nation” on Sunday, His Majesty King Abdullah said: “Hopefully, in the next several weeks, depending on our capabilities… we are probably one of the top two countries in the region when it comes to pharmaceutical and medical capabilities, so we have already been sending out masks and medicines to other countries.”

“Our private sector is ramping up its production capabilities. But we will also be in a position in the next few weeks, hopefully, to send our doctors and nurses for countries in need in the region or the world as a whole. And we are slowly reaching out to our friends to see what can Jordan do to help others as they have helped us,” the King added.

Indeed, it is a proud moment for Jordan.

Building on the Hashemite legacies and banking on the capabilities of a professional army of healthcare workers on the frontline, Jordan has shown up on the global radar for its efforts to combat the pandemic.

Reassuring his people with a focus on empathy and clear and consistent directives, His Majesty has been continuously following up on measures carried out by the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and all other government entities related to the coronavirus, conducting field visits and chairing meetings reviewing developments on this front.

“Unless we work together, we will not be able to overcome this in the way that we need to,” His Majesty said.

As the Kingdom and the world brace against the deadly pathogen, cherished rituals are altered and social distancing is enforced. This year, the holy month of Ramadan comes at this time, amid these exceptional circumstances.

Due to the virus, religious leaders have urged the faithful to adhere to curfew regulations and abstain from gatherings.

Civic duties and religious conscience will go hand-in-hand at this time. This is time for us to abstain from the customary practice of gathering during this holy month for the protection of all.

We wish our readers a joyous Ramadan and a strengthened sense of brotherhood in this time of pandemic.

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