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Experiencing Jordan in the winter

Sep 30,2019 - Last updated at Sep 30,2019

We all know that the country has done wonders with tourism, and the national income from it has increased practically every season. However, this increase, if not all, is limited to summer time. The number of tourists in the winter dwindles a lot due to a lack of attractions during the long winter months.

Petra stays open all year round, but fears of sudden winter storms prevent visitors from venturing to see the site. Aqaba remains an open opportunity for tourists, even though it sees much less tourist traffic in the winter than in the spring, summer and autumn. The remaining site that has yet to be explored in the cold weather to compensate for the lost variable touristic sites could be the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea remains the best substitute for lost opportunities elsewhere in the country, but it needs much better marketing campaigns to get to this point. The Dead Sea and its environs, including the Baptism Site, could do wonders if they were given added attention.

The road linking the Dead Sea to Amman is old and prone to traffic accidents. It needs much repair and updating. Better still, an investment in a small airport could come in handy to serve not only tourism, but also agriculture. There was once talk about such an airport but it was soon shelved for unknown reasons. Maybe now is the time to reconsider our earlier decision to shelve the idea and start new discussions about implementing the promising project.

To be sure, there are many other ideas to uplift the importance of the Dead Sea area and they should be all reconsidered. Other than that, our tourist experts need to reflect on more marketing campaigns from the public and private sectors to promote Jordan during the winter season. This would be a team work effort that would surely help Jordan remain a four-season attractive tourist destination. Otherwise, we would not be tapping into all our touristic potential at a time when our economy needs all the support it can get.

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