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Correction is possible

Oct 02,2018 - Last updated at Oct 02,2018

His Majesty King Abdullah's meeting on Monday with media figures in Jordan was yet another occasion for the King to voice his concerns about the way things are going in the country in recent times.

The King was so exasperated by the course of the country that he issued a stern warning right from the outset about the non-enforcement of the rule of law, which he described as the cornerstone of modern Jordan.

The King could not be clearer when told his audience that "unfortunately we are not moving forward!” He continued to say that "things are actually getting worse!"

The King's frustration and dismay with where the country is heading is most alarming and disturbing, as he cited examples of the flouting of the rule of law with apparent impunity, including the kind of vandalism that has occurred at a certain Jordanian university, where its president had to vacate his office for fear for his life, the proliferation of road-blocking to express an opinion or complaint and perhaps, above all, the spread of the rumour mill to circulate fake news and undermine the authority of the government.

If the King is so disappointed by the turn of events in the country, then we as a country are in a complete mess! When the King concluded his remarks with his audience by saying "enough is enough", that tells us a lot and should serve as a stern warning to stakeholders that things cannot continue the way they have been going for much longer.

It is the fate and future of the country we are talking about and something must be done by all sides and all stakeholders, government and people, to correct the path of the Kingdom and the way it is going.

Perhaps the government should place the King's complaint on its agenda as a priority issue and do something about it. There is nothing more urgent for the country than to correct the things the King complained about.

Correction is possible and where is a will there is a way!

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