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Action-oriented policies needed

Jul 11,2018 - Last updated at Jul 11,2018

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz is busy talking with Lower House’s blocks, hoping to elucidate the contents of his policy statement even more to deputies.

The prime minister had just concluded such talks with some main blocs and hopes to engage the remaining blocks and independents prior to the start of the Lower House's deliberations over his policy statement next Sunday.

The very idea of engaging blocs and independents in the Lower House in a dialogue is, indeed, a novel and promising idea, and may usher in a new parliamentary style of engagement hitherto untested.

By so doing, Razzaz hopes to dissipate lingering doubts about his policy statement after having admitted in public that it was, indeed, too broad and general.

A lack of specifics and action-oriented policies that can be put to use within the foreseeable future is what many deputies are concerned about. True, Razzaz cameup with a number of policy pledges that he wants to implement within the first hundred days of his rule, including the revamping of the entire taxation system, yet the lack of clear signals as to how the number of policies being put on the front burner will actually see the light of day remains a serious bone of contention between him and deputies.

Nevertheless, he deserves credit for trying to address the doubts of deputies by going out of his way to talk to members of the Lower House. Obviously, he is willing to put all his cards on the table, and this is a most welcome policy.

Keeping in mind that the time has arrived to translate general policy statements into specific and action-oriented policies, Razzaz does not have much time to lose before setting the record straight. Instead of putting too many goals and objectives on his political radar, he is invited to pick and choose the most pressing ones among them and deal with them head-on and in greater detail.

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