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15 years to be proud of

Feb 08,2014 - Last updated at Feb 08,2014

Jordanians celebrated the 15th anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah’s accession to the Throne on February 7 and commemorated the passing away of King Hussein on February 7, 1999.

The assumption of duties by King Abdullah was a major milestone in the history of the Kingdom. Since then, the country has made many major and far-reaching leaps, progressing on all fronts.

No doubt, the reign of King Hussein, which began in 1952, had laid solid foundations on which to build and achieve continued development that propelled Jordan into a new era.

King Abdullah consolidated the path towards pluralistic democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights.

Several major landmarks dot the last 15 years of successful rule by King Abdullah, including ensuring a vibrant parliamentary life, holding free and fair elections for the legislative power and municipalities, creating the Constitutional Court with a mandate to give deeper expression to the provisions of the Constitution, implementing huge infrastructure undertakings, among which the vital Disi Water Conveyance Project, and continuing the search for alternative sources of energy in a bid to end the complete dependence on external sources.

Above all, under the judicious leadership of its Monarch, Jordan successfully weathered the storms ushered in many Arab countries by the Arab Spring, maintaining security and stability, and progressing at a time the entire region is engulfed in chaos, armed conflicts or civil strife.

The King had shouldered the heavy burden of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and has made finding a solution to it one of his top priorities.

His relentless efforts to put the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks on the right path have won the admiration and appreciation of all stakeholders in the Palestinian crisis.

Fifteen years of rule by King Abdullah have made Jordan a major player in regional politics and a model of democracy, stability and peace.

The Kingdom has constantly grown in stature due to a wise leader and the love of its people for the Hashemites.

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