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By Editorial - Sep 23,2018
The Central Bank of Jordan appears to be painting a mixed picture about the country's foreign currency reserves situation.On one hand, the central bank recently said that the country's foreign currency reserves have gone down appreciably lately due to a slowdown in revenues from
By Editorial - Sep 20,2018
According to seasoned pundits, the government is soliciting the views of the public in the near and far reaches of the country on the new draft law on taxes the wrong way by separating the taxation issue from the economic side of the equation.At a time when most people, who
By Editorial - Sep 19,2018
President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart President Recep Tayyip Erdogan succeeded during their one-on-one summit in Sochi to avert a war over Idlib after having agreed on an ingenious plan to save the city from a catas
By Editorial - Sep 18,2018
French President Emmanuel Macron made history when, on Thursday, he admitted for the first time that his country was guilty of practicing systematic torture and other grave human rights abuses during its war against the Algerian National Liberation Front, which was fighting for t
By Editorial - Sep 17,2018
At a time when trade wars among nations are on the rise, especially in the wake of US President Donald Trump's "America first" policy, his recent decision to apply an additional $200 billion tariffs on Chinese products entering his country and his declared commitme
By Editorial - Sep 16,2018
The scenario prescribed by the government for the consideration and eventual adoption of the draft legislation on income tax includes a 10-day review and comment by the public.The draft law is made public on a government website so that the maximum number of citizens may get acqu
By Editorial - Sep 15,2018
It is, once again, the time of the year when the United Nations General Assembly gets ready for its next session scheduled to begin on September 18.
By Editorial - Sep 13,2018
US President Donald Trump continues to tighten the noose around the neck of the Palestinians in East Jerusalem to make their life difficult by slashing even more of any remaining aid to them, this time to their hospitals.The spokesperson of the US State Department said on Monday
By Editorial - Sep 12,2018
Prime Minister Omar Razzaz unveiled, at last, bits and pieces of the new draft income tax law at a meeting with chief editors of daily newspapers on Tuesday. The much-awaited new income tax legislation, Razzaz said, "was developed without any dictation from any entity and wi
By Editorial - Sep 11,2018
Friday’s Tehran summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his counterparts Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the ticking time bomb, Idlib, ended up with deep division between the Turkish leader on one hand and his Russian and



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