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Marwan M. Obeidat
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Aug 09,2018
In an age dominated by hi-tech and supreme digital advances, social media outlets (websites and other applications that enable users to create and share content in social networking activities) are very much accepted today as part of people’s modern life to the extent that roles
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Jul 26,2018
Bernard Lewis (1916-2018), who wrote and edited more than two dozen books and hundreds of articles, was regarded as a leading expert on interactions between Christendom and Islam, recently died aged 101.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Jul 12,2018
My concern in this opinion article is the way(s) in which universities can collaborate and build bridges instead of walls to internationalise their campuses, ways that may include, but by no means are they limited to, the following, as examples: Student exchanges and recruitment
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Jun 08,2018
First off, I have to admit that I am neither an economist, nor have I the academic training of one.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - May 31,2018
The last couple of weeks, or so, drove the region to most horrendous events: The methodical massacre of Gaza-hostage Palestinian protesters by Israeli forces, the decision of US President Donald Trump’s administration to launch its embassy in Jerusalem, a city holy to both Muslim
By Marwan M. Obeidat - May 17,2018
I have been serving in the academy for a little more than three decades without ever being on top of the subject as to whether academic institutions, particularly in our part of the world, should be research or teaching oriented.“Both” is not an adequate standpoint in my vie
By Marwan M. Obeidat - May 03,2018
In this article, I want to consider the place of the University in a rapidly changing and globalising world that plays a major role in a discussion of any of the critical issues such as this. Common literature stresses the University's place as a dominant player in a global
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Apr 19,2018
Death of a Salesman, a 1949 play written by the American playwright Arthur Miller, recipient of the 1949 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, reflects, among other things, America's pursuit of a central, historically distinctive “dream”, and it may serve as a starting point for the sake of
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Apr 05,2018
The American “acquaintance” with the Arab-Muslim Middle East, so to speak,was largely a venture based on indirect encounter with aneccentric, uncommon“other”.
By Marwan M. Obeidat - Mar 22,2018
Globalisation has emerged disguising its identity at times as internationalisation and, at less often times, as Americanisation representing a vision of a central super power to be taken for granted as a leading intercontinental model, while subordinating other nations and cultur



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