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Guy Verhofstadt
By Guy Verhofstadt - Dec 13,2018
STRASBOURG — The spontaneous street protests in Paris over the past month come almost exactly 50 years after the mass revolt of May 1968. But that is not to say the two events are comparable.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Nov 29,2018
BRUSSELS — When Mark Zuckerberg, the chairman, CEO and co-founder of Facebook, appeared before the European Parliament in May, I suggested to him that he had lost control of his company.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Nov 11,2018
BRUSSELS — Far from settling the question of the United Kingdom’s future, the 2016 Brexit referendum and subsequent negotiations with the European Union have triggered a full-blown identity crisis and culture war in Britain.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Oct 21,2018
STRASBOURG — Populist leaders have long made gains by posing as the alternative to a “corrupt elite” that enriches itself at the expense of “the people”. According to the populists, only they can restore decency to governance.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Sep 03,2018
BRUSSELS — European security currently rests essentially on the NATO alliance and the principle of mutual defence, and on cooperation between national intelligence services working to prevent violence against people and national assets.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Jun 12,2018
BRUSSELS — One of the main arguments made in support of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union is that the UK will be able to negotiate better trade deals with other countries, and even with Europe, if it is on its own.
By Guy Verhofstadt - May 17,2018
BRUSSELS — There can no longer be any doubt that “America First” means precisely that.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Mar 08,2018
BRUSSELS — Instagram, a photo-sharing platform owned by Facebook, recently caved in to a demand by the Russian government that it remove posts by opposition leader Alexey Navalny alleging misconduct on the part of Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko.
By Guy Verhofstadt - Nov 09,2017
The transatlantic alliance — which for decades has underpinned global stability, fortified democracy and safeguarded the West as we know it — is under severe strain and risks terminal decline.US President Donald Trump — who has repeatedly challenged America’s traditional alliance
By Guy Verhofstadt - Jul 03,2017
US President Donald Trump is clearly no leader of the free world.According to a new Pew Research Centre study, he is deeply unpopular in most countries, and has already done serious damage to the United States’ reputation.Pew finds that three quarters of the world has little or n



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