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Ahli win Super Cup title for 1st time

By Aline Bannayan - Jul 30,2016 - Last updated at Jul 30,2016

Ahli players celebrate winning the Super Cup title on Friday in Amman (Photo courtesy of the Jordan Football Association)

AMMAN — Ahli made history on Friday when they beat reigning Jordan Professional League champs Wihdat 2-1 to win the 34th Super Cup — the first major competition on the 2016/17 football calendar.

Although Wihdat were the clear favourites and returning star Hasan Abdul Fatah scored their sole goal with half-time ending 1-1, Ahli’s resolve was stronger. Although they are a founding member of the game in Jordan, they had never won the Super Cup. They were relegated to Division 1 in 2004 for the first time in their history and were back among the Pro League clubs in 2014, finished 5th in 2014/15 and third in 2015/16 in the Premier League. 

The win on Friday was a big boost for the club and demonstrated Ahli’s current performances were no coincidence. They were also the best overall team last year.

It was the first match for Wihdat under former national team coach Iraqi Adnan Hamad who has underlined his intention to compete and aim for the Asian Champions League. The team last year won the league title for the third consecutive year for the 15th time since they moved up to the professional league in 1975. Last season also saw Faisali beat league and Super Cup titleholders Wihdat 1-0 to clinch the 33rd Super Cup while Ahli beat Shabab Urdun to win their first Jordan Cup final.

The next competition starting August 1 is the Jordan Football Association Shield, which was brought back on to the calendar this season. The Professional League will kick-off on October 22 while the Jordan Cup preliminary round will be held after the conclusion of the U-17 Women’s World Cup and will kick-off October 31. 


The Super Cup has been won by Faisali a record 15 times out of 22 final appearances, Wihdat 12 times, Ramtha and Shabab Urdun twice each while Ahli, Jazira and Hussein have won once each.

Super Cup Record

(Runner-up in parenthesis)

1981 — Faisali (Wihdat)

1982 — Faisali (Ramtha)

1983 — Ramtha (Wihdat)

1984 — Faisali (Ramtha)

1985 — Jazira (Amman)

1986 — Faisali (Wihdat)

1987 — Faisali (Arabi)

1988 — not held

1989 — Wihdat (Faisali)

1990 — Ramtha (Faisali)

1991 — Faisali (Ramtha)

1992 — Wihdat (Ramtha)

1993 — Faisali (Wihdat)

1994 — Faisali (Ramtha) 

1995 — Faisali (Wihdat)

1996 — Faisali (Wihdat)

1997 — Wihdat (Ramtha)

1998 — Wihdat (Ramtha)

1999 — not held

2000 — Wihdat (Faisali)

2001 — Wihdat (Faisali)

2002 — Faisali (Hussein)

2003 — Hussein (Faisali)

2004 — Faisali (Hussein)

2005 – Wihdat (Faisali)

2006 — Faisali (Shabab Urdun)

2007 — Shabab Urdun (Wihdat)

2008 — Wihdat (Faisali)

2009 — Wihdat (Shabab Urdun)

2010 — Wihdat (Faisali)

2011 — Wihdat (Manshieh)

2012 — Faisali (Manshieh)

2013 — Shabab Urdun (That Ras)

2014 — Wihdat (Baqa’a)

2015 — Faisali (Wihdat)


2016 — Ahli (Wihdat)

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