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US criticises Arab League readmission of Assad's Syria

By AFP - May 10,2023 - Last updated at May 10,2023

WASHINGTON — The United States on Monday criticised the Arab League decision to readmit Syria, saying that President Bashar Assad does not deserve normalisation after his country's brutal civil war.

"We do not believe that Syria merits readmission to the Arab League at this time," State Department spokesman Vedant Patel told reporters.

"We continue to believe that we will not normalise our relations with the Assad regime and we don't support our allies and partners doing so either," he said.

Key members of Congress across party lines took a much harsher tone and urged the United States to use the power of sanctions to prevent normalisation with Assad.

"Readmitting Assad to the Arab League is a grave strategic mistake that will embolden Assad, Russia and Iran to continue butchering civilians and destabilising the Middle East," said a joint statement by Mike McCaul, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the top Democrat on the panel, Gregory Meeks.

"Assad has not changed, he will continue these atrocities, while setting a global precedent that ruthless dictators can wait out accountability for their crimes."

Congress has restricted the United States from any assistance for reconstruction without accountability for abuses during the war.

Despite repeated US statements, the Arab League voted on Sunday to welcome back Syria, effectively concluding that Assad had won the war that has killed half a million people and displaced half the pre-war population since 2011.

Patel played down the disagreements and said that the United States shared common objectives with many its Arab partners on Syria.

“We share a number of the same goals with our Arab partners with respect to Syria, including reaching a solution to the Syrian crisis that is consistent with UN Security Council Resolution 2254,” Patel said, referring to the 2015 international bid that set out a roadmap for a political transition.

He said that the United States would also work with Arab partners on expanding humanitarian access to Syrians and on supporting stability to prevent a resurgence of the Daesh extremist group.


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