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Senate's Finance, Economy Committee reviews Economic Modernisation Vision updates

By JT - Jan 09,2024 - Last updated at Jan 09,2024

The Senate's Finance and Economy Committee discusses the updates to the Economic Modernisation Vision on Monday (Petra photo)

AMMAN — The Senate's Finance and Economy Committee on Monday discussed the updates to the Economic Modernisation Vision (EMV) and the development of administrative system. 

During the meeting, headed by Senator Rajai Muasher and attended by Minister of State for Public Sector Modernisation Nasser Shraideh, Muasher said that the meeting focuses on the progress of the EMV, the implementation of the Public Sector Modernisation roadmap, and the development of the administrative system, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

 Shraideh presented updates on the EMV's Executive Programme, noting that until the third quarter of 2023, economic, financial, and monetary performance indicators were on track, but the war  on Gaza had direct implications on the tourism sector.

He also highlighted the government's priorities in the EMV's Executive Programme for 2023-2025, totalling 442 priorities, with 418 initiated in 2023.

Shraideh also mentioned the allocation of JD734 million for the executive programme, outlining key priorities for 2024, including completing services digitisation for investors, increasing grain storage capacity in Ghabawi, promoting various types of tourism, supplying natural gas to industrial cities, and implementing the National Employment Programme.

He also said that the government will review laws related to sectoral licenses, amend renewable energy laws, and develop legislation related to enhancing financial inclusion and competition laws.

He also stressed the government's commitment to major projects, such as the  National Water Carrier Project and recent investment agreements with countries like the United Arab Emirates.

Shraideh also highlighted the progress in administrative automation, including digitalising 41 per cent of government services, activating 770,000 digital IDs and the completing the full activation of digital identity.

Shraideh also underscored the efforts to develop and reform the education system from early childhood to higher education to align with job market needs.

He also stressed the government's commitment to developing a new method for attracting and promoting investment, improving the investor's journey, and enhancing public-private sector partnerships.

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