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New electricity tariff to go into effect Friday — EMRC

By JT - Mar 31,2022 - Last updated at Mar 31,2022

AMMAN — The Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) on Thursday said that applying the new electricity tariff will commence as of Friday.

The EMRC said that a total of 997,000 meters have been registered as of Wednesday night to benefit from the new subsidised electricity tariff, while a total of 5.256 million people have visited the e-platform of registration on, calling on the public to register on the website, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 

Energy Ministry Spokesperson Mashhour Abu Eid said that under the new tariff, consumption is classified into three categories instead of the previous seven: 1-300 kWh/month at a price of 5 piasters per kilowatt; 301-600 kWh/month at 10 piasters per kilowatt; and over 600 kWh/month at 20 piasters per kilowatt.

As for nonsubsidised tariffs, there will be two categories: 1-1,000kWh/month at a price of 12 piasters per kilowatt, and more than 1,000 kWh/month at a price of 15 piasters per kilowatt.

The commission reviewed the types of subsidies on the electricity tariff, including a fixed subsidy that is directly deducted from the monthly bill, amounting to JD2.5 for subscribers whose total consumption ranges between 51 to 200 kWh per month. 

It also includes a monthly JD2 deduction for subscribers whose total consumption ranges between 201 and 600 kWh per hour monthly, in order to ensure the impact of the new tariff is neutralised on their monthly bills.

The EMRC said that the electricity tariff regulation aims to support Jordanian household subscribers and reduce the cost of electricity in different economic sectors, which would decrease operational costs, increase competitiveness and expand job opportunities.

All Jordanian families stand to benefit from the new subsidised tariff.

Under certain conditions, more than one meter for each family is to be included within the subsidy, under a single subscription for family members working or studying in another governorate.

The subsidy also covers Jordanian women who hold a family book in their names, the heads of families who hold temporary Jordanian passports, and the people of the Gaza Strip in Jordan.

Small renewable energy projects with a capacity of 3.6 kilowatts or less were also included in the subsidy.

The EMRC confirmed that everyone, whose monthly electric bill amounts to JD50 or less, which is equivalent to a consumption of 600 kilowatts, will not be affected.

The electricity meter does not need to be in the name of the beneficiary to obtain the subsidised electric tariff, the EMRC noted, stressing that it is possible to register through the website to benefit from the subsidised electric tariff directly without attaching a property or lease contract.


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