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Jordanians condemn terrorist attack, vow to remain united

By Mohammad Ghazal , Dana Al Emam - Jun 07,2016 - Last updated at Jun 07,2016

Mourners participate in the funeral of Corporal Omar Hiyari, who was laid to rest in Salt on Monday (Photo by Osama Aqarbeh)

AMMAN — Jordanians on Monday condemned the "barbarity and inhumanity" of the terrorist attack that killed five intelligence personnel at dawn, but vowed that their anger would unite them. 

The attack on the General Intelligence Department’s office, in Ain Al Basha, in Baqaa north of Amman, took place before 7am on the first day of Ramadan, Government Spokesperson Mohammad Momani said in a statement carried by the Jordan News Agency, Petra.

In interviews with The Jordan Times, citizens unanimously condemned the terrorists, particularly their decision to stage the attack during the holiest month of the year for Muslims. 

“Terrorists, wherever they are, are not human beings. Their hearts are full of hatred to all that is good in life. They have no religion and they have nothing to do with Islam, which is a faith of peace,” said retired Maj. Gen. Adeeb Sarayreh.

“Committing this heinous crime on the first day of Ramadan is a testimony to the terrorists’ inhumanity,” he told The Jordan Times.

Sarayreh called for stronger security measures in light of the attack.

“There is a need to beef up security measures at all sensitive security premises… Fire is all around us in the region and this attack should make us stronger and more united in our support of all efforts to uproot terrorism,” he said.

Fayez Dweiri, a military expert, echoed these remarks in an interview with The Jordan Times.

“Jordan succeeded in foiling many terrorist plots and infiltrations by militants… Beefed up security measures are needed, as well as unity and awareness, among the public to keep Jordan safe and sound,” said Dweiri.

In a Facebook post, former Balqa parliamentarian Mustafa Yaghi condemned the terrorist attack and suggested it may have been an attempt to incite strife between segments of Jordanian society, as the attack was carried out near a Palestinian refugee camp.

Jordanians agreed on the need to remain united in the face of terror.

Mwaffaq Malkawi tweeted that the decision to carry out the “ugly crime” near a Palestinian camp was not an accident, "but Jordanians will not give terrorists the opportunity to damage their unity".  

Mohammad Rawashdeh, who lives in Jerash, said Jordanians "have always had and will always keep their solidarity in all conditions", adding that the Kingdom succeeds in overcoming internal and external challenges because Jordanians stand by each other.

"The five martyrs of Monday's attack are brothers of Muath Kasasbeh and Rashed Zyoud, and Jordanians will always remember them," he said.

Air force pilot Muath Kasasbeh was burned alive by Daesh militants in February 2015, while Major Rashed Hussein Zyoud was killed during clashes with terrorists in Irbid in March this year. 

For Associate Professor of Islamic Jurisprudence Mohammad Aydi, the killings were an attack on all Jordanians.

“Those who committed this terrorist attack are targeting all Jordanians. They want to kill us all because they are targeting the courageous security forces that are working day and night to provide us with the security and stability that we greatly enjoy in Jordan,” he told The Jordan Times.

“Those who commit such terrorist attacks are full of hatred towards all humans and this is nothing to do with Islam, which respects people and places that values the lives of humans above all else,” Aydi added.

Meanwhile, other social media users prayed for the souls of the victims, including Her Majesty Queen Rania.

On her Twitter account, the Queen condemned the “despicable act of terror” and prayed for the souls of the five fallen personnel and their families, at the beginning of the
month of mercy.     

Facebook user Hanan Sabri wrote: "May God grant heaven to the martyrs…. They were supposed to have iftar today with their families", in a post referring to the fast-breaking meal shared after sunset during Ramadan. 


For Karak resident Bady Buqieen, anger over the attack should be utilised to eradicate the sources of terrorism and trigger a revamp of school curricula to emphasise civic citizenship among younger generations.

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