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Jordan Strategy Forum urges voters to elect MPs with vision

By Omar Obeidat - Aug 18,2016 - Last updated at Aug 18,2016

A Jordan Strategy Forum infographic that reads: 'Did you know that one third of unemployed people are between the ages of 25 and 35? Vote for the candidate who has a clear action plan to reduce the unemployment rate'

AMMAN — The Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) is campaigning in the September 20 parliamentary polls, not as a candidate but as a source of advice for voters. 

The forum has started releasing infographics to inform Jordanians of the Kingdom’s economic woes and to direct voters to choose representatives capable of handling the challenges facing Jordan. 

On its social media platforms, the JSP has posted several infographics — addressing voters — that carry figures and facts about the current performance of the economy. 

“Did you know that the overall public debt of the Jordanian government reached JD25 billion in 2015, representing 93.7 per cent of the gross domestic product? Vote for the candidate with a vision to reduce public debt and stimulate economic growth,” one of infographics reads.  

Another said: “Did you know that one third of unemployed people are between the ages of 25 and 35? Vote for the candidate who has a clear action plan to reduce the unemployment rate.”

Hala Zawati, CEO of the JSF, told The Jordan Times on Thursday that the forum is attempting to increase public awareness on the need to elect candidates according to economic priorities due to their impact on the lives of Jordanians and the future of the Kingdom. 

Zawati said the JSF is releasing three infographics a week, with each one addressing a certain issue. 

She added that the forum is trying to guide voters on issues related to fiscal and monetary policies, the public debt, the budget deficit, investment policies, employment, the distribution of development gains, energy challenges and performance-based budgets, among others. 

“MPs have a huge responsibility in handling economic priorities and voters have the responsibility to vote for the right people in the elections,” Zawati said.

The responsibility of voters does not end at ballot boxes, the JSF CEO stressed, as they should continue their positive role by questioning MPs on the programmes and ideas they talked about when campaigning. 

She indicated that the forum is publishing the infographics through social media channels to reach as many people as possible, as well as running ads in the media.

Asked whether the JSF would use billboards and posters in the streets, she said the size of the budget restricted such a tool.   

The JSF is a non- profit organisation that represents a group of Jordanian private sector companies.


Founders say it was established with a will from the private sector to participate in constructive dialogue on the economic and social concerns of Jordanian citizens.

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