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JFDA refutes ‘false’ list of cheating olive oil traders

By Maram Kayed - Nov 12,2019 - Last updated at Nov 13,2019

The Jordan Food and Drug Administration has conducted 320 field visit examinations and has sent 60 samples for laboratory tests since the beginning of the olive season (Photo by Osama Aqarbeh)

AMMAN — A list being circulated on social media naming “olive oil cheaters” and their locations and numbers is incorrect, according to the Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA).

The list, referred to as “cheating olive oil traders”, was published in the administration’s name. However, the JFDA has stated that it is not the source of this information.

“We call on citizens to critically evaluate the accuracy of the information they receive before passing it on. Referring to reliable sources would have saved the individuals falsely accused a huge amount of embarrassment, and it would not have offended the national product,” the JFDA said in a statement on Tuesday.

In its latest survey dated last week, the administration identified 1,037 contaminated containers of olive oil and transferred 22 people to the judiciary. It has also conducted 320 field visit examinations and has sent 60 samples for laboratory tests since the beginning of the olive season.

The administration called on citizens to purchase oil from places that are trusted by the JFDA and the Ministry of Agriculture, and to report any suspicious conduct or violations they may encounter.

It also urged citizens not to buy olive oil that is promoted through social media and satellite channels unless it has been examined by the administration at one of its four branches, noting that the evaluation is free, fast and around the clock.

“Maintaining the reputation and safety of Jordanian olive oil, which has earned itself a good reputation on the local and regional level, should be a national responsibility,” said JFDA Director General Hayel Obeidat in the statement.

“The Jordanian olive sector is a source of basic income for many citizens and it contributes greatly to the national economy. The oil produced from it is distinct in quality and taste, and we will not allow anyone to abuse the product or harm its reputation,” he added.

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