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Higher Education Council announces exam guidelines

By JT - Dec 16,2020 - Last updated at Dec 16,2020

AMMAN — The Higher Education Council on Tuesday announced the general provisions and standards for conducting exams in universities and colleges during the 2020/2021 academic semester, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported. 


Bachelor's degree programmes:  


- All final assessments are conducted electronically, adhering to procedures to guarantee credibility. Students are granted freedom to choose between numerical or letter grade systems. 

- Final examinations for courses taught on campus are conducted on site, which would be subject to the working grading system at the university.

- Students majoring in medicine, dentistry, nursing in their clinical years, whose marks are subject to the working grading system at the university, will sit for their exams on campus, adhering to public safety measures. 

Intermediate diploma programmes at national community colleges:


- Students follow the provisions imposed on bachelor's students.

- The annual comprehensive exam is conducted on campus, maintaining public safety measures. 


Postgraduate programmes:


- Finals as well as comprehensive exams are conducted on campus, following the working grading system and adhering to public health measures.

- Defences are conducted either on campus or electronically, depending on each university's decisions. 


Students studying abroad:


Students studying abroad before taking the aforementioned decisions, who are incapable of returning to the Kingdom, would be assessed in accordance to university decisions or would have their marks deemed incomplete.

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