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Gov’t urges caution as Kingdom continues slow return to normal life

Return of Jordanian students abroad to begin on May 5, Adaileh says

By JT - Apr 29,2020 - Last updated at Apr 29,2020

Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh speaks during a press briefing at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management on Wednesday (Petra photo)

AMMAN — The easing of curfew measures, including the driving system based on licence plate numbers, is directly dependent on citizens’ commitment, Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh said on Wednesday, noting that recurrent violations will force the government to go back to closures and stricter measures.

As of 3pm on Wednesday, a total of 236 vehicles were seized for violations and legal action has been taken against their drivers, Adaileh said during a press briefing held at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management.

The minister urged citizens to “fully commit” to announced instructions and not to violate the driving system or the times for free movement (8am to 6pm), or commit any other violations that hinder traffic or disrupt safety and protection measures.

“We are closely following citizens, facilities and shops’ level of commitment to instructions in all governorates regarding social distancing, sanitation and health protection measures,” the minister noted. 

Adaileh urged facilities permitted to work to take strong precautions and utilise all types of preventive measures such as using face masks and gloves, practising social distancing and avoiding directly touching anything as much as possible.

The government is currently studying issuing a new Defence Order regarding penalties for all violators of preventive measures aimed at combatting the novel coronavirus.

Regarding inquiries on age groups completely prohibited from movement, Adaileh said: “In all honesty, to be logical and practical, it is difficult to determine a certain age group that cannot go out, as conditions differ from one case to another.”

“Our message to you is for the elderly and children to limit outings as much as possible, going out only in cases of extreme emergency, as these two age segments are the most vulnerable to infection and more prone to transmission,” he said.

Authorities are exerting all possible efforts to protect citizens’ health, Adaileh said, adding: “We depend on your awareness and sense of responsibility, because they are at the core of success.”

The minister also announced that the isolation of neighbourhoods in the Nasr area has been lifted, as well as the isolation of a building in the Hashmi area in Amman.

In implementation of Royal directives, the plan to bring back Jordanian students from abroad will commence on May 5, the minister announced.

The first group of 3,049 students will return to the Kingdom over the course of three days, with the first flights leaving from Egypt and Turkey.

The concerned teams are currently planning for the return of students who are “stranded”, which is scheduled to start one week after May 5, Adaileh said, noting that the coronavirus crisis cell will announce the full details on Thursday.

His Majesty King Abdullah, while chairing a National Policies Council (NPC) meeting, reviewed the plan to bring back Jordanian students studying abroad, Adaileh said.

During the meeting, attended by HRH Crown Prince Hussein, His Majesty stressed the importance of evacuating the students to the Kingdom under complete transparency, justice and organisation, heeding the necessary health preventive measures, the minister noted.

Crown Prince Hussein also reiterated the importance of following preventive measures and taking precautions, having those returning commit to sufficient periods of time until it is guaranteed they are not infected, according to Adaileh. 


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