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Court overturns man’s drug possession sentence

By Rana Husseini - Oct 26,2021 - Last updated at Oct 26,2021

AMMAN — The Court of Cassation has overturned a March State Security Court (SSC) ruling, sentencing a drug dealer to six months in prison after convicting him of possessing illegal narcotics in Amman in November of last year.

The SSC court declared the defendant guilty of possessing illegal narcotics with the intent of selling the drugs in the local market.

The SSC handed the defendant a one-year prison term for the offence of possessing illegal narcotics.

However, the SSC court reduced the sentence to half to give the defendant “a second chance in life”.

Court documents said the Anti-Narcotics Department (AND) learnt the defendant was in possession of illegal narcotics and sent one of its agents to pose as a buyer.

“The AND agent got in touch with the defendant and asked him for a stash of illegal drugs,” court documents said.

When the two met, AND agents immediately arrested the suspect, court papers added.

Upon searching the defendant, court papers said AND personnel found illegal narcotics on him. 

However, the higher court decided to overturn the verdict because the SSC failed to “question some defence witnesses in the case”.

There are also some missing criminal lab reports related to the seized material with the defendant, the higher court said.

The Court of Cassation judges presiding were Mohammad Ibrahim, Fawzi Nahar, Majid Azab, Hammad Ghzawi and Nayef Samarat.



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