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As autumn approaches, medical experts recommend flu shot

By Dana Al Emam - Sep 19,2016 - Last updated at Sep 19,2016

AMMAN — Medical experts say that getting the seasonal influenza vaccine can ease the symptoms of flu, prevent sick leave and reduce the risk of health complications from the virus. 

Flu shots are usually taken at the start of autumn, said Family Medicine Specialist Iman Aljabi, who explained that the vaccine consists of weakened viruses to encourage the body to develop immunity.

Every year, there are international standards to determine which viral groups the vaccines should include, she said, adding that the vaccine’s effect kicks in two weeks after the injection and lasts for a year.

Mohammad Tarawneh, another family medicine specialist, said people of all ages can take the vaccine, but it is especially recommended for those with chronic pulmonary and heart diseases, as well as the elderly, children and medical personnel in direct contact with patients.

“It is important not to have any flu symptoms at the time of taking the shot,” the physician said, adding that the vaccine is safe and does not generally have any complications.

However, those with allergies to any of the vaccine’s ingredient should pay attention, according to Tarawneh, who noted that taking the vaccine would not prevent influenza infections but would reduce the symptoms.

Aljabi said flu vaccinations were also recommended for groups and communities in schools or factories.

The flu shot reduces sick leaves and limits the risk of developing respiratory failure and pulmonary infections, she added.

Those who take the vaccine might get the flu shortly after the shot, as their bodies react to the weak viruses within the vaccine, the medical experts said.

Despite the advantages of the yearly vaccine, many people are not aware of it, said Aljabi, adding that prevention is the best way to deal with influenza.

The vaccine is available in the local markets and costs around JD10.

“It used to cost much more,” said Tarawneh.

Autumn starts on Thursday, according to Jordan Meteorological Department Director Mohammad Samawi.

The autumnal equinox ends summer in the northern hemisphere and ushers in autumn, which will last for around 90 days, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, quoted Samawi as saying.

Day and night are equal on the first day of autumn.

On Thursday, the sun rises at 6:25am... and sets at 6:33pm. The day will last for 12 hours and 8 minutes, while the night will last for 11 hours and 52 minutes, he added.


During autumn, temperatures gradually start to drop and the country witnesses several Red Sea troughs that cause unstable weather conditions and light rainfall.

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