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‘Demonstrations will not stop until we see serious changes’

Activists call for another protest near Fourth Circle after meeting with Razzaz

By Jassar Al Tahat - Dec 12,2018 - Last updated at Dec 12,2018

AMMAN — Amman is set to witness yet another demonstration today at 5pm near the Fourth Circle called upon by "MishSakteen" movement. 

The Jordan Times received a statement issued by the "MishSakteen" (in English 'we will not be silenced'), which listed a set of demands focusing on the recently approved amendments to Income Tax Law, the release of activists, laws limiting public freedoms, mainly the cybercrimes bill. 

Prominent activist Ali Briezat, in remarks to The Jordan Times said that “the current political and economic approach is no longer viable”. 

“Jordanians are convinced that changing the PM will not change much, as the government does not have an independent mandate”, he added. 

Briezat said he rejected a meeting with Prime Minister Omar Razzaz [on Tuesday], which, he said, was an attempt to "opiate" the demonstrations. 

Fateh Kassab, member of the Hirak Shaabi (public mobilisation), said that people were taking to the streets to change the current political and economic approach.  

“We have been taking to the streets for the past eight years and we have not witnessed drastic change. These demonstrations will not stop until we see proper and serious changes in the political and economic climate,” added Kassab.

“With all respect to the activists who met with Razzaz, that meeting should not have happened since it will lead to nowhere”, Kassab said. 

“While officials call for the need to establish political parties, we are still witnessing a crackdown and huge amounts of hostility towards any emerging political party in Jordan”, Mueen Harassis, member of the Hay Tafaileh movement, said.

“I went to the wrong place," Khaled Katami, who was present during the meeting with Razzaz, said.

“I felt that the premier was giving promises that he could not meet. Our first demand was to release the 'political prisoners' as a sign of good will, his response was evasive," Khatami said. 

“I am honoured to take part in tomorrow’s demonstration; the Fourth Circle is right place to be… It is the place that represents the people and their demands."

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