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Celebration in Jordan

Aug 25,2018 - Last updated at Aug 25,2018

It is normal to express our happiness when we celebrate our happy events. But one question should be raised here, do we express our pleasure in the right way?

‏It goes without saying that festive firing in Jordan is one of the bad habits adopted  by Jordanians as being part of cultural celebration as a method  to showing happiness and jubilation.

‏Every now and then we still hear about unfortunate accidents caused by astray bullets, despite the government’s warnings.

‏Another annoying behaviour is blocking the roads by ceremony tents. Unfortunately, many people are choosing the streets to build their ceremony tents instead of empty yards.

‏In my opinion, this illegal behaviour reflects the irresponsibility of person towards the society  and himself alike.

‏Moreover,  wedding convoys is another irritating issue due to the serious problems that might result, such as  traffic jam and the interruption to Civil Defence Department’s vehicles, thus causing bigger problems.

‏Finally, I think these problems should be addressed by the concerned authorities by imposing punitive measures, and raising awareness among the society throughout the instructional videos and lectures.


Isa Aljundi

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