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Buying the illusion

Oct 08,2018 - Last updated at Oct 08,2018

People around the world spend millions of dollars on self-improvement books. However, the number of self-improvement books stocked at the chain books stores is mushroomed.

Unfortunately, in this genre most of readers buy the attractive titled book regardless of its content.

Some of self- improvement authors use misleading titles that promise magical results, in order to earn money by selling large counts of their books.

Many of these books contain misleading statements such as, “ The researches discovered that..,” without mentioning the sources of those researches. 

Moreover, they are tricking your brain into thinking you have actually done something.

When we tell somebody our plans or goals, our brain triggers some chemical release that makes us feel good, a little bit like we have already accomplished our goal. 

So it is with reading self-help. People who have sat many hours and read self-help, felt like more successful persons because of it and continued to do nothing about it.

People like to feel they are making progress, even when they are not. That is why people fill up their day with busy work. It is good to be busy doing things, but they are not usually effective. 

When we read self-help books we feel like we are doing something important.

One question should be raised here, what is the benefit when you are reading about the importance of taking action while still not taking action?

Finally, we should avoid books that promise miracle cures. You cannot be wealthy without work and taking serious steps, equally you cannot fix your problems by imagination. We have to stop buying the illusion.


Isa Aljundi


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