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Windows 10 looks good

By Jean-Claude Elias - Jun 04,2015 - Last updated at Jun 04,2015

Windows 10 is almost here. If yours is a legal, activated copy of Windows 7 or 8, chances are you are already seeing a new little icon in the bottom right corner of the taskbar inviting you to book your Windows 10 download and installation. This will entitle you to a free upgrade that will be available on July 29. The little icon has started showing in the taskbar since a couple of days only — at least in Jordan.

Windows 10 comes with a good pack of promises meant to make it up to us all after the not-so-popular Windows 8. Interestingly Microsoft has skipped number 9. Perhaps to show that Windows 10 will be a frank departure from version 8 and not just a minor change.

As it has been the case since the early days of Windows, promises of a new version have always looked nice but only actual consumers’ feedback after a few months of use can be taken as reliable opinion and will set the newcomer as one that is successful or not.

So, what’s in Windows 10 for us users?

For a starter the move inviting you to book your copy, and at no extra charge what’s more, is a smart one. It is unobtrusive and elegant. It’s the first time Microsoft does it this way.

The company says Windows 10 will load, understand will start (and restart…), much faster than all its predecessors. This alone would be a significant improvement if proven true.

Moreover, Windows 10 will bring an interface that is more consensual across all the various devices platforms in use today and that include desktop machines, laptops, tablets, phablets and last but no least smartphones.

Smoother and more intelligent adaptation to the user’s habits in terms of touch, keyboard or mouse control is part of the new features too.

Security, particularly at enterprise level, has also been the concern of the company. Its new Windows should take this important aspect to new heights. It is worth noting that Microsoft had already introduced its own antivirus named Microsoft Security Essentials that can be downloaded and installed free for all those who have a legally purchased and activated copy of Windows 7 or 8. The product has been very positively reviewed by IT pundits over the last couple of years. Will this good antivirus be built in Windows 10?

Multitasking capability has been enhanced and improved. This is a welcome move since we all run several applications at one time these days: browsing the web, listening to music, e-mailing, and so forth. Even smartphones have good multitasking functionality now.

Overall, and with devices that sport comparable hardware resources in terms of processor, graphics and memory, Windows 10 is expected to run faster than previous versions. Can’t wait to check it out.

The company says that there should be no compatibility issue in software applications already installed, as it had been the case sometimes when users moved from Windows XP to Windows 7. In other words one shouldn’t worry about having to buy or install updated versions of all the various applications they invested in when upgrading to Windows 10.


If Windows 10 keeps its promises it will come to show that not every version has been a success, but every other one.

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