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Sep 11,2019 - Last updated at Sep 11,2019

Sowt Podcasts in cooperation with the embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands have launched a new project aimed at supporting the production and publishing of podcasts. Under the slogan, “Exploring Equality and Human Rights in Jordan with Podcasts”, the three-year project will support the production of three podcasts.

Two of the shows are continued productions of Sowt’s podcasts, Eib and Mal 3amal, which discuss taboo societal issues, and the experience and rights of immigrant labour in Jordan, respectively. The third show will be an entirely new show exploring journalistic freedom and the journalism scene in Jordan.

The project aims to strengthen community connections and advancing podcasts as a form of media, by hosting podcast listening parties. The project will also provide several journalists with audio production skills training workshops. Sowt Podcasts is a digital audio organisation based in Amman, Jordan that produces high-quality, narrative-driven audio content for Arabic-speaking audiences. 

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