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Ayla Golf Academy launches home-based distance training programme for members

Apr 07,2020 - Last updated at Apr 07,2020

Ayla has raised the level of challenge and spirit of competition among the members of its Ayla Golf Club, by inviting them to continue to practise at home, and providing them with tips and advice on how to harness their game using the means of remote communication. This move by Ayla reiterates its efforts to address the ramifications of the coronavirus crisis on the performance of athletes, and stay close to its members during these exceptional times.

Ayla has directed its members and regulars of Ayla Golf Club to continue to satisfy their passion for golf at home using accessible tools, stressing that the health and safety of the players and their families are the highest priority at the moment.

Ayla Golf Club instructors sent messages to members and regulars of Ayla Golf Course, including advice on how to harness their skills and practise golf at home, while encouraging them to send their videos on WhatsApp, or via Ayla Golf Club page on Instagram @AylaGolfClub.

Chris Dodd, Head Professional at Ayla Golf Academy in Aqaba, and his assistant, Jordanian trainer Walid Abu Elsamid, received contributions from members and regulars of Ayla Golf Club, including videos of their exercises, and then provided them with answers to their questions, as well as tips and advice on their performance.

Chris Dodd, Head Professional at Ayla Golf Academy in Aqaba, said: “Our message from Ayla Golf Club to our members and regulars is that we are always with you. Through this home-based distance learning programme and home exercises, we hope that golf players and enthusiasts can dedicate some of their time at home to perfect their skills and work on their performance. Through this programme, we strive to keep our Ayla family engaged and connected during these difficult times.”

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