AMMAN  –  The government’s stance on the crisis in Syria is based first and foremost in Jordan’s national interests, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Samih Maaytah said.

Speaking after an iftar banquet organised by the Jordan Press Association’s club on Wednesday, Maaytah acknowledged that citizens and political parties have different views, both favourable and unfavourable, on the Syrian revolution.

Jordan will not hesitate to defend its northern border in case of any new developments in Syria, Maaytah said, adding that the Jordan Armed Forces and all security bodies are well aware of the consequences of the Syrian crisis on Jordan and have taken the necessary measures to prepare for any sudden and unexpected developments. 

The government spokesperson said Jordan was the country most heavily affected by the turmoil in Syria and had acted “wisely” in facing the consequences of the crisis, including the many refugees the Kingdom has taken in despite a lack of resources.

The minister noted that Syrians currently being housed in facilities in urban areas were being moved to recently established refugee camps, adding that the media will be able to visit these camps and see the conditions in which the refugees live.

Asked about the controversy over the 2012 Elections Law, Maaytah said that all election laws since 1993 had been engulfed in controversy, noting that in past years, parties announced that they would boycott elections but then reversed their decisions and participated.