AMMAN — Dozens of Muslim Brotherhood members gathered on Saturday at the gates of the Islamic Charity Centre Society (ICCS) to protest against “wasting” the nonprofit organisation’s assets.

The protesters called on the government to stop what they called the “incompetent” administration of the centre.

In 2005, the government dismantled the board of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated society, citing alleged financial irregularities, and appointed a temporary administration to run the affairs of the organisation.

The ICCS is the investment arm of the largest opposition group in the country and its political wing, the Islamic Action Front.

The temporary administration reportedly transferred around JD1.5 million last month from an account designated for supporting orphans to the Islamic Hospital to cover some of the its dues, including the salaries and benefits of its employees.

The Islamic Hospital, one of the society’s main investments in Jordan, which has two branches in Amman and Aqaba, has a debt of around JD26 million, according to an ICCS source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The ICCS also owns 49 schools and kindergartens, teaching 12,500 students, in addition to one polytechnic college in Zarqa and 23 medical centres across the country. It has some 4,500 employees.

The 2012 revenues of the charity amounted to more than JD35 million, according to Murad Adayleh, a consultant at the ICCS.

Although The Jordan Times tried to contact the current president of the society to comment on the allegations, he was not available for comment.

The Islamists on Saturday said they would continue protesting until they regain control of the society. According to Adayleh, the current financial situation of the ICCS is a result of over five years of “mismanagement”.