AMMAN –– Several roads in the southern parts of the Kingdom were partially closed to traffic due to snowfall on Monday, while heavy rain swept the rest of the country, according to the Public Security Department (PSD).

PSD Spokesperson Lt. Col. Mohammad Khatib told The Jordan Times that the Bseira and Qadissiya areas, in the southern governorate of Tafileh, and the Taybeh-Ail road, in Maan, were partially closed due to snow accumulation. He said heavy equipment was working to open these roads.

Heavy dust also blocked the Azraq-Omari road, in the eastern part of the Kingdom, said Khatib.

Several traffic lights in the capital were damaged by strong winds and streets in several western Amman neighbourhoods were flooded, he added.

The Greater Amman Municipality Monday declared a state of alert, as employees were trying to deal with emergencies resulting from the blizzard that affected the Kingdom Sunday.