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Souk Al Balabseh

Sep 05,2012 | 13:25
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Souk Al Balabseh
Balabseh is one of the oldest souks in the capital, having been built in 1952. While many believe that Souk Al Balabseh in downtown Amman is named after the Bilbeisi family, shop owners there have a different story. According to them, it was nostalgia for Palestine that gave the market its name. When Palestinians fleeing Israeli occupation moved to Amman in 1948, some rented shops in the souk and asked the landlords to give it this name after a similar commercial compound in Jaffa. The souk consists of seven buildings connected by numerous corridors. Each building is owned by a different investor who deals with his tenants individually

Jordan to host WHO regional emergency response centre

The Cabinet on Sunday approved an agreement between the government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to establish a regional centre for  health emergencies and polio in Jordan. Full story