AMMAN — Mifleh Esheibat and Haitham Abu Khadija won the by-elections for the Karak 4th District and Amman 1st District Lower House seats, respectively, according to preliminary results announced late on Saturday.

Esheibat received 4,448 votes out of a total of some 15,400, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, quoted the director of the Karak district’s electoral committee, Khaled Qousous, as saying.

Abu Khadija won 4,582 votes, according to Ibrahim Ouran, the director of the Amman 1st District electoral committee, Petra reported.

The polls did not witness major violations, according to the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) Spokesperson Sharaf Abu Rumman, who noted that the commission did not receive any complaints of vote buying.

“The IEC will not spare any effort to refer cases of alleged vote buying or use of political money to court,” he added.

After polling centres closed at 7pm, the IEC issued a statement saying no further extension was decided in both districts.

Then the electoral committees in both districts began vote counting procedures.

The turnout of voters in Karak was far higher than in Amman, according to the IEC.

Almost 15,000 cast their votes in the Amman district, out of 128,500 eligible voters, at a rate of 11.64 per cent, while in Karak, the turnout reached more than 80.5 per cent, as almost 15,400 cast their votes out of the 19,000 eligible voters.

In September, the IEC decided to hold the by-elections on November 9, in the two districts after it received an official notification from the Lower House on the vacant seats.

The elections in these two districts will fill two vacant seats in the 150-strong Lower House, after Mahmoud Hweimel (Karak, 4th District) passed away in July and Talal Sharif (Amman, 1st District) was dismissed for attempting to shoot his colleague MP Qusai Dmeisi (Zarqa, 4th District).

With these results, the Lower House now includes 149 members, with the remaining vacant seat belonging to Dmeisi, who was suspended for one year after the shooting incident.