The Jordan Times article on illegal loggers attacking forests and the rangers who protect them, “Illegal loggers attack forest rangers in Ajloun, damage vehicle (The Jordan Times, January 1, 2013) shows an old and serious problem that faces Jordan and its people.

This problem needs to be confronted seriously and quickly, with extra forceful application of the law.

I would suggest that fines and imprisonment terms be increased. There is no time to educate loggers on the importance of trees and forests to human health and environment. These loggers chop down magnificent trees just to earn (dirty) money, and not only to provide heat for themselves.

This greed and selfishness should not be tolerated.

Five hundred rangers are, in my opinion, adequate enough to enforce the law and apprehend illegal tree choppers and tree burners. And they should be given the authority to make arrests, use weapons, handcuffs and strong lights on their vans to help them curb this destructive phenomenon.

In the United States, when authorised forestry department staff chop trees, they compensate by planting the same variety almost the same day. After 25 years, the seedling will become a big tree and if chopped down, there will be another planting to compensate for it. It is as simple and as easy as that.

A good and quick solution to minimising or eliminating this type of crime would be to have a qualified strong minister of agriculture who is interested in his work.

Akef A. Qusous,